Color stainability of indirect CAD-CAM processed composites vs. conventionally laboratory-processed composites after immersion in staining solutions


Objectives: The aim of this study was to determine, by using a spectrophotometer device, the color stainability of two indirect CAD/CAM processed composites in comparison with two conventionally laboratory-processed composites after being immersed 4 weeks in staining solutions such as coffee, black tea and red wine, using distilled water as control group.

Methods: Two indirect CAD/CAM composites (Lava Ultimate and Paradigm MZ100) and two conventionally laboratory-processed composites (SR Adoro and Premise Indirect) of shade A2 were selected (160 disk samples). Color stainability was measured after 4 weeks of immersion in three staining solutions (black tea, coffee, red wine) and distilled water. Specimen’s color was measured each week by means of a spectrophotometer (CIE L*a*b* system). Statistical analysis was carried out performing repeated ANOVA measurements and Tukey’s HSD test to evaluate differences in Delta E measurements between groups; the interactions among composites, staining solutions and time duration were also evaluated.

Results: All materials showed significant discoloration (p< 0.01) when compared to control group. The highest Delta E observed was with red wine, whereas black tea showed the lowest one. Indirect laboratory-processed resin composites showed the highest color stability compared with CAD/CAM resin blocks.

Conclusions: CAD/CAM processed composites immersed in staining solutions showed lower color stability when compared to conventionally laboratory-processed resin composites.
Significance: The demand for CAD/CAM restorations has been increasing; however, color stainability for such material has been insufficiently studied. Moreover, this has not been performed comparing CAD/CAM processed composites versus laboratory-processed indirect composites by immersing in staining solutions for long immersion periods.

Keywords: Resin-composites, CAD/CAM, Staining, Color stability, Stainability.

Arocha MA, Basilio J, Roig M, Mayoral JR, Llopis J, Di Bella E, Ardu S, Color stainability of indirect CAD-CAM processed composites vs. conventionally laboratory processed composites after immersion in staining solutions, Journal of Dentistry (2014),