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Take our Survey on Dental Photography

Dear colleagues

We are planning to write an article on „Standards in Dental Photography“. Before we start, we want to find out, how many dental offices are using cameras. What types, how often and for what.

Your input is precious for our work

are you using a camera in your office?

if yes, what camera do you use? (select all that apply)

if you use a dslr, what brand?

if dslr, what lens? (all that apply)

what flash do you use? (all that apply)

what is your main use? (select all that apply)

what file format do you use? (select all that apply)

do you use software to edit your images?

if yes, what software do you use? (all that apply)

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what is your sex?

where do you live? (select a region)

Thank you!

 for taking the time to help us with our project. Feel free to come back and check our results and get more information on dental Photography.